Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want to be at the place where I belong

I'm sacrificing my sleeping time to update something here. SO YOU BETTER READ THIS. JOKING ONLY! hey of course i would prefer sleeping but i don't feel good to abandon my bloggie for days.

Anyways, everything is alright here but this week and next week are the hectic weeks for me because of my cousin sister's wedding and sports day games. Have to do so many preparation. I need more time please? Besides that, I'm lacking of sleep and rest lately. Couldn't sleep well recently and I have no idea why as well. Please let me sleep peacefully tonight. I need the sleep.

During the week I was back in Subang, I went back to my historical hometown Melaka. Lucky me that during that period, it was durian and mangosteen season, therefore, I have had the chance to enjoy them. OMG! I miss durian now *imagine myself enjoying durian now* Not only durian, I also have the chance to enjoy my grandma's home cook food and hokkien rice dumplings. How can i resist myself from the good food? My grandma's cooking is awesome although it's just a simple dish.


omg i love durians! pity to those who do not eat durian. such a waste.

i managed to pluck some rambutans. so kampung-ish

you're able to find natural cocoa in my grandma's estate

the greatest mom and grandma ever ;)

a swing under a mango tree for us to play with

mom likes to play swing too

free sun tanning also they want! T.T damn hot can


plucking mangoes is not an easy task okay

camwhored with a periuk beside

me sitting on a 30 years old antique chair *thank god it didnt break*

this is the 2nd best rice dumplings ever!

a mixture of flour, fried onions and spring onions.
although it's just a simple food but it's damn mouth watering. no joke

goodbye melaka! I'll be back for sure like duh

Yays! My family is coming down in few days time! *jumping with joy*

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