Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Sometimes things in life are really unpredictable.
No matter what, you'll have to face it"

Honestly, I don't feel like blogging although I don't really have things to do for now. However, since I'm in front of my lappy, why not as well blog about something kan?

I used to categorize people with the IANS behind. Just like my title above. Metropoitan-ians are the people and my friends from metropolitan college. I was in that college back in the year 2008 pursuing my foundation in business.

I met up with Yuki for movie at pyramid one of the day when i was back. I know I always post outdated post but hey, I'm really really busy with everything. Like I give a damn about it. heyyy heyy this is my blog okay, I've the right whenever to blog what. Grrrr!

We watched :

Then we met up with Joe for dinner @ Sushi Zanmai. Everyone seems to prefer Zanmai than Zen. Hey John, see here is another post about zanmai. Don't ask me about Zen again ;D

we're very close to each other but we're pretty far away *as in the distance* too lol

awwww yuki is so cuteeeee *pinch her cheeks*

with joelee

I'm so tired until cant think of anything. I need the rest and the long hours of sleep. Unfortunately, I've to wake up early tomorrow :(

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John Kerk said...

should try Zen one day! better than Zanmai... But it is more expensive lar..