Friday, July 30, 2010

When lil bee met up with furby

They had a lot of fun spending time together! Lil bee came to sg about 3 weeks ago? She came here basically is to visit as she claimed. Haha! So nice of her :) She and her friend, Ashlie were here for 3 days 2 nights. I only spent 1 whole day and 2 night with them. I didn't send them off on Sunday. Sorry lil bee!

Instead of me bring them to interesting places, Chris (Ashlie's bf) who is currently working in singapore brought us for good dinner. I met them in their hotel after my class ended straight at 7pm. So dinner was around 8pm. Tapas for dinner.

couldn't make decision what to eat as we were the noob there. 1st timer whatttt!

group picture : Chris, Ashlie, Cher Wei & yours truly

Thanks lil bee for coming here and visit me *cough cough* :P

The awesome food that night

Clarke Quay on a friday is a must. Happening spot with a lot of ang moh(s)! woots

@The Tapas Tree, Clarke Quay

with the babe(s)

The next day, I accompanied them for shopping since the GSS was still on. Wah orchard was damn crowded like always -.-

she was so happy because she is a shopaholic

This explain how much I dislike the crowded orchard *smirks* lol

Late lunch @Ion Orchard Food Hall

@Strand Hotel, their hotel before heading to Night Safari

hello night safari :)

and the adventure begun...

On the tram ride. It was so cooling ~

Happy enough

Watched the Creatures of the Night Show

Sorry no pictures of animals because it was during the night. Moreover, some area camera flash is not allowed.

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