Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I would wish

Something seems to be missing but what is it? I don't feel the excitement in me anymore. Maybe because I have been staying in the same place for about 5 months already. Honestly, I just wish I'm back to the place where I belong although going to new places is a good experience. I'm just so sick of this place which I couldn't find the main reasons why am I feeling this way.

So many things are running through my mind at the moment. Everything seems to be going circle and circle and it's not stopping. Gosh! What an unpleasant month for me.

Final exams are coming real soon which is in another 3 more weeks. Final presentations will be held around the corner. I have a total of 3 major presentations. 2 next week and the another 1 is on the following week. I want to do my best in the presentations. However, I don't feel like I have been putting as much effort in my presentations compared to the last semester. Perhaps because I'm working with another group members which I couldn't choose my own group member for this particular subject.

Putting me with new faces and facing communication barriers are definitely huge challenges to me. I don't mind facing challenges. Challenges in life are good but not in this situation. I need the marks for my presentations. I couldn't bear to lose these marks.

Anyways, I'm having sudden crave for :

Only available in Starbucks

Lets go there and nom nom this yummy delicious cake plus it can delight my mood :) So why not?

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