Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sisha not

Here comes August. Wow time flies. However, this time I'm happy and excited that time flies *winks* I want to be back there. Post up this one 1st can. The wedding post will be up next.

On last friday evening, I was out with my captain ball girls. Basically, it was like a celebration on winning the final match which made us the champion. Actually this outing was a sisha outing, however, ended up no one was sisha-ing that night. Btw I don't sisha because I don't like it. But I need to tag along because i'm in the team. I need to be there as well because I did my part for winning the match lol

went straight to bugis after class. my bag was damn heavy :(

some road leading to beach road

can you spot naked barbie dolls?

@Blu Jaz Cafe, Bali lane

a total of 14 girls excluding 2 latecomers

snapping picture of me whereas im doing the same.
btw this is Lina from Vietnam.

it was empty during the evening but during the night, it's super full house with many good looking ang moh(s) woots

looks familiar? Ikea's

selina's seafood fried rice

looks good and do taste good as well *mouth watering*

my sambal seafood fried rice

lime juice

nisha's fish & chips

zaocee's beef lasagna

oops! i forgotten what name of this dish already but it's yummy

Selina & Zaocee. Selina is from Korea :)

Vietnamese, malaysian and singaporean.
Suri, me and Nisha, our captain ball captain

jenny claimed to be shy :S

Kelly's dinner *totally forgotten the name of this dish*

with Morinia. omg my hair is so messy @.@

MoriniaDewi from Indonesia

zaocee very tired huh?

you brighten up my life

More pictures in my facebook taken by the others.

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