Friday, August 20, 2010

Voice out

Currently blogging from school. I'm already in school, waiting for my class to start at 4pm. I'm early today because I was out early to meet up with Jeremy who is here for holiday. Thanks for the message you sent to wake me up so early lol

Anyways it was a great catch up. Will see you later or something :) Lets go geylang *bet he gonna kill me for this* Chill dude!

Oh since I'm 98% done with all my assignments, I'm super bored as there is nothing much I can do here besides going shopping, meeting up with friends or going for food hunt, I've been thinking about of things in life recently.

Ever since I'm here *singapore*, I've been meeting a lot of people from all around the world which is a good experience obviously. Realized that different people have different opinion/expectations about something. Not forgetting, cultural differences as well. Is not I have high expectation or what but sometimes I just can't please everyone. You know what I mean.

I did my part and responsibilities. What about the others? Don't take me for granted people. I do concern about everyone's interest but like I said, I can't please everyone. I only have 2 hands. Do I look like I have thousands of hands to you? Please grow up and use your brain to think. If possible, please don't always depends on me. I have my life to live as well, I can't always be there to take care of each one of you and the mess/problems you guys created. Honestly, I don't mind helping out by giving advise or listening to your problems. But just don't expect me to settle things for you.

Note : This post is not for a particular person. Just want to voice out what's in my head that's all :)

Don't worry I'm not emo or anything. Have a good day people *peace out* while I'll be in class in another 37 minutes :( Oh HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND TOO.

Can time flies any faster?! Please!!! And, I miss you!

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