Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All time favourite

Schedule post because I didn't want to leave my blog not updated just because of my finals. Felt uneasy for leaving the latest post which is obviously an outdated post stays as the latest post for days. Hence, a short schedule post for the fun for it :)

Want to know my all time favourite biscuits? It's pretty an old school kind of biscuit. I used to remember that those biscuits are usually sold in a smart and antique kind of grocery shop where you can buy like how many gram or kilogram of them. Fortunately, I managed to buy them in those kind of shops nearby my place. I don't like the ones that are sold in the supermarket. It tastes different :S

Funny thing is that I don't even know what is this biscuit called as.
Let me know the name of this biscuit if anyone of you really know it. Thank you :D

lets just call them as the sweet sweet biscuits for the moment lol

It is extra delicious to eat it with vanilla ice cream although ice cream is really fattening.

On the other hands, sorry peeps I couldn't reply the your messages on my chatbox at this moment :( Busy with finals! It's a crucial exams for me and by the time this post is published, I'm already on the way to the school! Wish me luck can?

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