Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last day for this sem

Another scheduled post because I'm busy with appointments as I already done with my exams! woots :P

This semester was our last semester for our diploma in tourism and hospitality management. During the last day of this semester, a total of only approximately 20 out of 50 students came to class -.- All being lazy to come because it was a late evening class. However, yours truly wasn't lazy but she was 10mins late lol. Come on, late is better than absent right? :P

i got a special treat :)

You know I'll always miss you right? :(

our snacks during classes :S

with mandy, yi fan and cui wei (I think he camera shy)

he said : I've to be serious so I can't smile -____-

Some of my classmates with Mr.Ching, our f&b service operations lecturer

Mandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Guess how old is she?

Yi fan, Cui Wei & Freeman

Studying in Singapore is indeed a good and challenging experience. However, being away from home is not as easy as it seems especially for me who is a family girl (i damn proud of myself can). I stick to my family no matter what. Family is my first priority :)

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