Sunday, October 03, 2010

Can you dodge?

Another scheduled post! Hello, greetings from Subang! Yes, I'm back here :D

3 days before my final exam, sis and her friends came down to Singapore for the beach dodgeball game with the Dodgeball Association of Singapore. Such a random visit. Haha. Despite I was gonna sit for my finals in 3 days time, I went to join them but I didn't play because I afraid I might injured myself as you know IM THAT CLUMSY =/

The game was held at Sentosa. Met up with them at Chinatown before heading to the destination. Was extremely happy to see sis and jun hsien. You know the feeling of someone you miss so much and wanted to see her/him suddenly came and visit you? Yes, that feeling! :D :D

Me being extremely hardworking because I brought my notes to Sentosa as well. But right, no time to study and the environment didn't allow me to do so.

Stop the long story telling and here comes the pictures time!

her facial expression said ; welcome to Singapore

happy kevasan because the mrt is way faster and convenient than the one back in malaysia :p

his 1st time coming to Singapore.

On the way to Sentosa

Affendy & Sis

the bags/luggage

this is Ismael & Xin Hui

lazy bum needed someone to put sun block for him

why umbrella? because we were at Sentosa around 3pm where the sun was so bright!

Such a loving couple huh :)

Not that loving anyways! Gay-ness stroke :S


Go kill the opponents!

The macho man! *cough cough*

three of us! I love this picture ;)

with BIL *No is not his name*

yaenn, margenie & xin hui

happily sun tanning with the crazy sun -______-

Thank you Mun Wai! lol

Oh she is the pretending sleeping jumping beauty

chilling around :)

Go guys! :D :D

Not a star. We dont even know what was it -.-

I don't like her because she is super skinny @.@ Haha

Now we know there is another monkey in my family!

We left earlier because sis and jun hsien needed to catch their bus at 8pm. So we skipped the party. Hence, no group picture with the others :(

Send them to Novena because they didn't stay over

Bet they were exhausted from the trip. Traveling up and down in a day is definitely a no no for me. I really can die from exhaustion :( However, it was an enjoyable trip! Happy to see them even tough just for a day.

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