Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girls hang out

Saw my foursquare or twitter or facebook status? Yes, i'm stoning alone in pyramid starbucks. I don't see anything weird about this, going out alone and stone. Sometimes you just need a lonely and quiet time all by yrself. This is one of the way to pamper yrself. Perhaps because I used to be independent when I was in singapore so I enjoy doing this (go out alone) at times.

Since I'm stoning with listening to songs and enjoying my chocolate cream chip, I shall use up this previous time to update something. I have so many outdated outing to blog. Like I always said, so many things to do but so little time :( Oh well, shall not complain much and just manage my time properly.

This post is about my farewell dinner with my captain ball girls and also with YiFan who tagged along which I thought he is Zaocee's bf. lol. I was shock :S

We took freaking a lot of pictures during the dinner. There are more picture in facebook. If i upload everything here, I bet some of you wont want to drop by here anymore. Hahahaha

the very one and only Nando's outlet in Singapore. Singaporean actually willing to line up for this wei.

Selina and her corn for dinner -.-

the only guy with us that night. lucky him :P

Zaocee & Selina

Evelyn and Tea are that loving all the times

group picture is a must but this is not a complete group picture :(

as usual she is always busy on the phone with her hubby

if im not mistaken this is my 3rd time snapping picture with him

don't so lesbian can!

we busy camwhoring because the rest was busy shopping -.-

me like this picture :D :D :D

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