Monday, October 11, 2010

International buffet

I know I haven't been blogging lately. What to do, I'm a busy lady with so many outings lols! I need to settle down one day and have the proper time to start blogging again :D

This is definitely a super outdated post. It is about a buffet dinner with my classmates after our finals. It was also my 1st time having international buffet dinner. Quite pricey thou. It was SGD $30 per person and the food variety wasn't that much. Pretty disappointed actually. Despite the price, we had lots of fun having dinner together :)

Besides that, my camera got spammed as well. There was about 100 plus picture taken during the dinner :S

Sakura @ Shaw Plaza

this is Eddie

and his silly pose :P

roli baby! The youngest one among us

the youngest and the oldest ones in our group lols

Miyu wasn't in the mood that night :(

Xiao Yao!

he was the one who always sit beside me in class :)

thanks roli! -.-

shark fin soup babyyyyyyy *burp burp*

mandy's hardcore for salmon

I had plenty of tempura that night

a fresh salmon fish

durian ice cream! How can someone dislikes durian? :(

last but not least a group picture :)

Don't worry, my blogging mojo is back! hopefully Good night ya all!

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