Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little girl birthday party

Firstly, Happy birthday Carmen Kong :D :D

Gonna update about a birthday party but not Carmen's one lol. It was my 1st time attending a healthy birthday party. Healthy because the party was held in an organic shop. It served most of organic food which is definitely super health to us, human. Not to mention that it was my niece's 7th birthday party.

I was there with mom and the siblings except for vincent. He couldn't make it that night.

this is my stoning face rather than fierce face :)

my new hobby ; stoning

she drinks more than I do

2 years old girl

the lovely princesses :D yes, the ones on the left front and back are twin! cute

I remembered playing this like .... 9-10 years ago?

my bubble looked like a kidney -____-

the very excited little girl


the pretty birthday girl, yan yan :D

i have a very weird eyes. dont you think so?

we merged all the bubbles that night

what does the bubble look like to you?


Get well soon honey :)

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