Sunday, October 17, 2010

More lunch again

Another singapore outdated outing post. There was one fine day, Kelvin asked me out for lunch. Japanese lunch for the day. Met up with him somewhere near my place then we went to Shaw Plaza together.

Thanks for the lunch treat and also the movie, Kelvin :D

@Suki Sushi

green tea from france rather than japan

teriyaki chicken don

pork ramen

Dragon mango roll

Hotate Miso Yaki?

with Kelvin, my classmate

We watched :

The next day, met up with Kelvin again for late lunch. This time we dined at Swensen's @United Square. Once again, thanks for the treat :D

mushrooms! me likeyyyy

fried calamari. it was good

coney dog! We ordered one and we shared because both of us weren't that hungry afterall

Thanks Kelvin for everything. See you when I see you. Take care :)

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