Sunday, October 31, 2010

Party much?

Happy Halloween people! So how are you gonna yr day tonight? Partying? Staying at home like me? What else? If you're partying tonight, please don't drink and drive :)

Drinking and poker session are one of the cheapest way to chill rather than going to club! LoL! By the way, this drinking session was like 2 weeks ago. Not very recent. Don't make me sound like i'm a heavy drinker or something. I know I've been going to parties/clubs a lot lately (not really a lot for me but yes for my mom) Gonna slow down already. I need my healthy life back. Agree much?

Date : 15th October 2010
Time : 10pm - 4am
Venue : Sunway Hotel Suite

mighty mouse comes to the rescue

the view from our room! nice shit

poker session! 6 shots for me :(

he is like the bapa ayam :P

with Navina & Vincent

they were playing the 007 bang game

isnt she hot?

meet tommy, the guy who doesnt like drinking

we're the antisocial people :)

tomato face boy :)

why my face and body have 2 diff colour one? :S

camwhore is a must right people?

the birthday boy was thrown out from the window. JOKING

is my face red here?

guo yi's potong stim face expression really very POTONG!

*pat pat* pls drink more joshua

drunkard :P

They do have the same smile right? *wide smile*

he definitely do look like his brother

birthday boy who didnt get drunk that night. booo

they are the long lost ex high school friends

Excitment :D :D We've to live life to the fullest right? But obviously not like partying or drinking everyday right? Must know yr limit!

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