Thursday, October 21, 2010

Started drinking back again

Honestly, I'm still hoping :)


The day I got back home from Singapore, I was invited to go for a drink at Skewers @ Subang Avenue. Oh well, we just drank beers instead of liquors :P Must not drink so much beer if not will have belly. On the other hand, if drink liquors too much then not good for the liver. Gah!

she prefers Connors than Hoegaarden

I don't drink *ahem ahem*

Andrew & Willon with sis

we're cute enough! :P LOLS

I think they like meow meow -____-

hahaha another stoner!

Connors anyone?

cheers for me being back here for good. SYOK SENDIRI lol

the "nicest" group picture :D

the girls that night ; Phoebe, sis & me

the gayness


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