Sunday, November 21, 2010


My photobucket is being a bitch lately. Couldn't update on proper post. I need the pictures to blog. Anyways how are you guys doing? I'm being a pretty lifeless girl lately. Okay, I shall admit that I'm pretty busy at times too :D LoL!

Since I was being lifeless, I went to google and random search for stuff to blog. Hahah!

So true so true :)
Btw I'm in Starbucks, First World Hotel @ Genting Highlands now! Hehehe

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A thought.

Most importantly, all we need to do is to love our life. Enough said!

Life is meaningless only if we allow it to be. Each of us has the power to give life meaning, to make our time and our bodies and our words into instruments of love and hope - Tom Head

Monday, November 08, 2010

Save my life that night

After the dinner with Carmen and the gang, me together with jason lim and jenny kuma went to another jason's place for some poker and drinking beer session. OMG that night was the night I felt the most disappointment in my life :( Shall not talk about this here! I don't like posting emo post in my blog anymore. I don't see the point for telling people that you're emo. Why want to make the others worry about you? Perhaps I'm the girl who keep everything to myself unless I really can't stand it anymore and ended up bursting things out ._.

belly tummy anyone?

Yes, i know you're leading a very happy life now *ahem ahem*

thanks for being there for me people! loves

jenny kuma! the one you wont want to mess with @.@

another Jason but this is jason lee, the host :D

the view from his place :) It's a nice spot to emo!

Quite interesting yet expected that someone like you eventually can make me emo for long :(

Friday, November 05, 2010

Punctual dinner!

Last friday which was on the 29th, we had a late birthday dinner celebration for Carmen as her birthday was on the 26th October. It was held at the Frames, Sunway Pyramid as suggested by the birthday girl. Dinner was supposed to be at 7pm but malaysia timing memang never punctual hence I went there with jason around 7.15pm. Not that bad as jenny kuma was the latest one. Hahaah! *stare at her*

@Frames, Sunway Pyramid

WilSon, the early bird

Simon, my husband during high school :)

Darryl Oh, the clubber xD

Jason, the happy one

Denise, the one who I cant recognize -.-

Carmen, the birthday girl

the jenny kuma & jason (so not used to it calling him jason)

thank you so much jason :)

the rm 18.90 fish & chips -____-

crazy fella who have the biggest appetite ever

they are the anti social ones :/

Group picture! :D

After dinner, we walked around pyramid for few round as we don't have any ideas on what to do next. But we did spend some of our time in the arcade :P Like those days where we're younger, we wasted so much cash at the arcade playing lame games. But hey, at least we had fun isn't?

perfect colour matching clothes

while waiting for the others doing their business in the loo

Hope you had a great night with us, carmen :)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Business plan

Was in Taylors Lakeside Campus on the 22th October for the Business Plan Final Presentation. I went there to support the brother in law :) How sweet right? LoL! Am just being supportive because he is my brother in law so yea.

Yes, all the way there plus my effort wasn't wasted as they won the business plan presentation. Champion babeh! Congrats to them :) All the hard work has been paid off!

they named themselves as H3O

they look cute together, don't they? :)

the sweetest brother in law :D

she is definitely super proud of him

ownself syok sendiri with holding the certificate lol

was there with sis!
She is really supportive as well! Aww

with some of his friends :D

How nice if I've one bf so that I can go and support him in whatever he is doing as well? HAHAHA! :p

Monday, November 01, 2010

We're awesome

Hennessy Artistry The global art of mixing babeh! It was held on the 23rd October at the Malaysia International Exhibition Convention Centre @Mines Resort. Lucky me as my doremi aka jackieloi brought me as his date for that night :D Thank you!

Who were performing there? Kardinal Offishall, Da Mouth (a taiwanese hip hop band), our very own Mizz Nina and DJ Alex Dreamz! It was definitely a party everyone would die for it. I was excited enough that I was able to attend such a huge party! *jumping with joy*

Honestly, I only snapped few pictures that night because I was busy partying, drinking and checking people out. Woots. However, I was extremely sober that night. Guess my alcohol tolerance has increased?

It was damn huge and there were so many people!

Alex & Jac, the cutest couple in twitter :)

with Kar Wai

CWKen & Kar Wai

you don't lame can! drunkard

I We look nice in this picture kan?

jeremy aka bboyrice
I was so happy to see him there

he was my drinking partner and he is the lamest person on earth
Thanks for fetching me home

Say hi to David, a new friend

We party and camwhore like a rockstar lol

with Kelvin the cute guy (;

When is the next HA? I don't want to miss out any HA events! :)