Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Business plan

Was in Taylors Lakeside Campus on the 22th October for the Business Plan Final Presentation. I went there to support the brother in law :) How sweet right? LoL! Am just being supportive because he is my brother in law so yea.

Yes, all the way there plus my effort wasn't wasted as they won the business plan presentation. Champion babeh! Congrats to them :) All the hard work has been paid off!

they named themselves as H3O

they look cute together, don't they? :)

the sweetest brother in law :D

she is definitely super proud of him

ownself syok sendiri with holding the certificate lol

was there with sis!
She is really supportive as well! Aww

with some of his friends :D

How nice if I've one bf so that I can go and support him in whatever he is doing as well? HAHAHA! :p

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