Friday, November 05, 2010

Punctual dinner!

Last friday which was on the 29th, we had a late birthday dinner celebration for Carmen as her birthday was on the 26th October. It was held at the Frames, Sunway Pyramid as suggested by the birthday girl. Dinner was supposed to be at 7pm but malaysia timing memang never punctual hence I went there with jason around 7.15pm. Not that bad as jenny kuma was the latest one. Hahaah! *stare at her*

@Frames, Sunway Pyramid

WilSon, the early bird

Simon, my husband during high school :)

Darryl Oh, the clubber xD

Jason, the happy one

Denise, the one who I cant recognize -.-

Carmen, the birthday girl

the jenny kuma & jason (so not used to it calling him jason)

thank you so much jason :)

the rm 18.90 fish & chips -____-

crazy fella who have the biggest appetite ever

they are the anti social ones :/

Group picture! :D

After dinner, we walked around pyramid for few round as we don't have any ideas on what to do next. But we did spend some of our time in the arcade :P Like those days where we're younger, we wasted so much cash at the arcade playing lame games. But hey, at least we had fun isn't?

perfect colour matching clothes

while waiting for the others doing their business in the loo

Hope you had a great night with us, carmen :)

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