Monday, November 08, 2010

Save my life that night

After the dinner with Carmen and the gang, me together with jason lim and jenny kuma went to another jason's place for some poker and drinking beer session. OMG that night was the night I felt the most disappointment in my life :( Shall not talk about this here! I don't like posting emo post in my blog anymore. I don't see the point for telling people that you're emo. Why want to make the others worry about you? Perhaps I'm the girl who keep everything to myself unless I really can't stand it anymore and ended up bursting things out ._.

belly tummy anyone?

Yes, i know you're leading a very happy life now *ahem ahem*

thanks for being there for me people! loves

jenny kuma! the one you wont want to mess with @.@

another Jason but this is jason lee, the host :D

the view from his place :) It's a nice spot to emo!

Quite interesting yet expected that someone like you eventually can make me emo for long :(

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