Monday, November 01, 2010

We're awesome

Hennessy Artistry The global art of mixing babeh! It was held on the 23rd October at the Malaysia International Exhibition Convention Centre @Mines Resort. Lucky me as my doremi aka jackieloi brought me as his date for that night :D Thank you!

Who were performing there? Kardinal Offishall, Da Mouth (a taiwanese hip hop band), our very own Mizz Nina and DJ Alex Dreamz! It was definitely a party everyone would die for it. I was excited enough that I was able to attend such a huge party! *jumping with joy*

Honestly, I only snapped few pictures that night because I was busy partying, drinking and checking people out. Woots. However, I was extremely sober that night. Guess my alcohol tolerance has increased?

It was damn huge and there were so many people!

Alex & Jac, the cutest couple in twitter :)

with Kar Wai

CWKen & Kar Wai

you don't lame can! drunkard

I We look nice in this picture kan?

jeremy aka bboyrice
I was so happy to see him there

he was my drinking partner and he is the lamest person on earth
Thanks for fetching me home

Say hi to David, a new friend

We party and camwhore like a rockstar lol

with Kelvin the cute guy (;

When is the next HA? I don't want to miss out any HA events! :)


CWKen said...

kns got unglam photo of me lol

Victoria said...

@CWKen, dont worry nobody visits my blog one :P Hahahaha