Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Misty misty

Hello december. It's the last month of this year. Wow time flies! It's time for me to do some serious thinking on next year resolutions (; Oh not forgetting, I do need plenty of luck for this month. Donate me some?

So before I start, I need to ask what did I miss out? Anything? Any updates? Gosh! I'm really sesat now (at least I feel like one) T___T

Halloween night @ Mist Club together with dodgeballers and friends. As usual, the super outdated post. One more party post coming up and that's all. No more partying! It's really the time to stop reduce my party life. I'm getting old :( Shhhhh

Stop the crap and pictures time!

thinking about liquor really make ms feel like puking @.@

jenny kuma was there as well!

*peace yo*

halloween without any costumes

yer why i look so fat here? :(

jasonnnnnnn :)

hardcore stupid clubber, benji :)

discussing important business *ahem ahem*

TX, Eric & yaenn pang

extra cuteeee!

because she has an awesome bf

i like his eyelashes! Damn long :0

Gayness! No chicks that night!

MaMaLi :D

my new girlfriends! muahaha

lala kao kao! CMI

the pretty Wilee :)

Yays! December is really here. I couldn't believe time flies that pass! Hahaha
But now I want time to fly slower can?

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Navid said...

awww come on where got old ? so what am i then ? we should party more b4 me and yaenn leave :P