Saturday, December 11, 2010

Noms noms

My lappy is a bitch! Bitching for days already. Gosh! What's wrong with you dear lappy? Why cant you connect to the internet whereas other lappy can? :( Poor me because I have to use the spare lappy. I want to use my own lappy! Sigh

Woke up early this morning and i couldn't get my nap after trying to fall asleep like an hour plus. Been thinking a lot lately. How to sleep like that? Gosh!'m so frustrated :( :( Really am

Making use of my time to blog about something which is super outdated. Me being me :P Hahaha!So yea shopping with lil boy and mom!

bleh me for what?

silly face of lil boy

Dinner @ One Utama, Chili's

she also want to take solo picture. so cute

we do look alike right?


what i do best = stoning

lil boy snapped this because he wanted to drink :p

Food make people happy and full LoL

ZoukOut tonight? No, I'm not going! Have fun to those are going :D
All the things I still remember make me really happy but sad at the same time!

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