Friday, February 18, 2011

The last one

I KNOW MY BLOG IS DEAD! Nevertheless, I'm still gonna update it although it's dead and I don't wanna declare it as a really dead blog :S So pitiful

Definite a super outdated post. Let me finish posting out all my drafts 1st before posting up all the recent posts.

Yes, i'm that busy with things in life now. Don't even have free time for myself ;( *smack head*

Last Christmas (yes as in 2010's christmas), I celebrated it by sending off my brother in law as he went off to The States for further studies. All the best there ya and don't worry I will take care of my sis :) Hehehe

One of his gay partner ; Jerrard

The lovely and cutest couple ever :)

BIL & his family members

More posts will be scheduled to be posted out. Have a great weekend peeps! See ya :)

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