Sunday, April 24, 2011


I couldn't sleep last night although I tried counting sheep to make myself fall asleep. However, the plan failed so ended up I have been thinking a lot.

Life has its ups and downs. It depends on how you see things and adapt to them. Besides that, it also depends on how you handle those downs in your life. And also how you appreciate the ups in life. Life isn't really about just living but it's about what make you alive. Quote; Live life to the fullest.

Someone told me yesterday, without obstacles in life, your life graph will be flat and there isn't any fluctuation. I believe everything in life especially the downs are the one who make us a stronger person day by day and it changes our perception onto something. It might leave a deep scar in ourselves if the downs are unforgettable and it's sad enough to put you in such a situation. Likewise, time is all you need to heal.

Talking about the truth. Sometimes it's best not to know the truth because hell yeah some truth do hurt that much. But at times, people get curious on wanting to know things that have been hidden for quite some time. Curiosity kills like seriously. Pretending not to know the truth or pretending to don't want to know the truth isn't an easy thing to do especially when honesty is what you concern the most. Trust may be easy to be earned but once broken, it takes years to build back. This does apply to me and yes try to break my trust and you'll see where you are.

How funny when people said something but in the end doing it. Hypocrite much?

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