Friday, August 26, 2011

21st for Yuki

Yuki's 21st was on the 30th March. I didn't wish her late or anything. I was partly late for her birthday party but the worst thing is that I'm late in blogging her birthday post *shy shy* I don't think so she will be angry at me just because I blog late right babe? She loves me too much to be angry at me :P

Her 21st birthday party was the traditional one where her parents held a big birthday party at their place in Klang with some catering and all. So many people attended the party. OMG!

The super hot birthday babe, Yuki Gan

thanks for everything babe!

No, they are just friend :)

making her wishes

blowing her 21st key birthday cake

The metropolitan-ians
Chi Yen, SuLing, Joe, Darren & me :D

Just when I need you the most :)

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Yuki Gan Mok Wen said...

no babe !! u noe tat i love u too much to be mad at u :p thanks for that post!! i always love u !! and i miss u a lot!!