Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Short stay

Going to Perth AGAIN? I don't mind after all! :P

I had short stay at Perth on the 1st of Sept! Perth is indeed a boring place because I have been there once for a week for holiday. However, I love the winter weather there. It's so cooling and windy :)

The hotel is located in the city :)

No, we don't never share room.
This is my own room with 2 beds

Chicken & mushroom pizza for supper which costs me Aussie dollar 18.00

The next morning, we met up at the lobby at 0930 as we planning to go buy something to bring back to KL!

Perth District Court

Me, Misara, Iskandar and Shazlee

Iskandar with his pose

yays! woolworths :) :)
time for some grocery shopping!

After shopping, we wanted to grab our japanese lunch. But the restaurant only open at 1100. We were there early by 10 minutes -.-

too hungry until wanna fight to enter the restaurant

Do you just love the very blue Perth skies?
*wide smile*

Lunch set! $ 7.30

we were busy snapping pictures whereas the rest was busy nom nom-ing!

Elsie, Shazlee & Misara

We love the windy weather! Awww

Oh no, it's time to get ready for paxing back to home base :(

We took the 777-200 to get back to KL!
Luckily, all of us were paxing back (means not working)

Shopping at Perth was productive :D

What kind of job actually pay you to travel? Oh well :D :D

Lastly, Happy 21st birthday Taryna <3

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