Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hello December

It's december already. Hell fast the time flies. Christmas is near. New Year is soon. Chinese New Year is a month time. Shot! Thinking how fast the time flies really scare me a bit.

Although it's december but I'm always outdated. Hereby the November Incheon, Korea post. Was lucky to get Incheon flight and my set of crews were pretty awesome.

It was during winter :) I like!

Awww me love my natural curly hair :) *don't jealous*

Early in the morning in Incheon. Rinse and shine peeps!

Myself, with a steward named Hazeek and my leading steward, David took the shuttle bus to the city. It took approximately an hour drive to the city because our hotel is an airport hotel.

On the way picture of pretty and tall buildings :

We were dropped at Hotel Ibis, somewhere near to the famous street fashion called Myeong-Dong. It's all about SHOPPING. A MUST TO GO IF YOU WANNA SHOP FOR CHEAP CLOTHES AND EVERYTHING.

Surprisingly, I didn't shop anything there. Their facial products are super C.H.E.A.P! But I can't simply use them as I have sensitive skin :(

Were hungry and we had difficulties finding for lunch as I don't take beef whereas Hazeek doesn't take pork.

@ Myeong-Dong street

A super huge UniQlo outlet. 2 storey high if i'm not worng

Before leaving the city, we bought ourselves a cup of coffee. Hazeek had a hot coffee whereas I had a cold caramel macchiato. It was refreshing. Drinking a cold coffee during winter while chilling outside was a great combination.

Meet Hazeek :)

LOTTE, a famous and must go duty free mall

this is Acro Tower

The hotel we stayed and Hazek just spoil the picture -.-

camwhore pic!
It wasn't that cold outside so I went out without any jacket and walked alone to the supermarket nearby to buy food back for the loved ones

a path to cross

beautiful flowers outside the hotel

Bought some food back :

I like the paper bag. I have 3 at home now. Haha

Tadaaaaa :

This was my dinner. A complete one.

The next morning, we were paxing back to KUL. Lucky us that the flight was overbooked and we were upgraded to business class. Sadly, we have to go back although we're upgraded. We would prefer to stay for another day actually :0

@ Incheon International Airport!
A nice and interesting airport *thumbs up*

Ahhhhhhh ~

For the K-pop fans :)

I'll see you again, Incheon *hopefully soon*

A good friend of mine just left to Perth. I miss her so much. Hopefully she will do fine there <3