Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday night

Where I just got back from work not long ago. Was supposed to touch down at 2035 but flight delayed so touched down at 2200. See so long delayed. Tiring and yes, we don't get paid for being delayed. Sigh!

Instead of sleeping early tonight, I decided to blog up on my Saturday night outing. Instead of heading to clubs like a normal teenager does, I went up to Genting with the beloved one and only boyf together with my mom. Just the three of us :D

It was indeed fun. Left at 0010 and reached back home at 0630. Slept at 0700. What a night!

While waiting for the boyf to come over :)
Must camwhore!

The attire for the night.
  • Polka Dots Blouse from Padini
  • High waist long pants from H&M, HKG
  • Red slim belt from Padini Acessories
  • Bag from Phuket
  • Wedges from Vincci


*must say nice if not I don't friend you lol*

The next day, was feeling very sleepy due to the lack of sleep. Just went out for lunch with the boyf on a sunny day but then it suddenly rained and then it became super sunny AGAIN! #random weather change nowadays. Scary~

But won't it be nice if Malaysia has snow? Agree agree agree?!

with the boyf's shades from Phuket

I want to go for a holiday. LIKE FOR REAL. Anyone?

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