Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hokkien land :P

It's fun being a tourist sometimes. Hehe. Thanks to BoneyBla for bringing me around penang during my one off day there. A day off in penang is indeed fun if you have a friend there who is free to bring you go everywhere :P Therefore, thanks again ya dude :)

Woke up pretty early for the exciting day trip with boney.

Good morning penang! @Vistana Hotel

Penang is famous with their crazy drivers.
Don't wanna drive in penang because if i would, i'll die of heart attack. Kthxbye

brunch @ Pulau Tikus

Jakun me as I never been to Hard Rock nor Batu Feringgi. So off we went. Yays! Happiness strike! :D :D :D :D

Beach! Never know that penang beach is beautiful as well

Am a happy girl! yeappie :)

There is boneyBla! A good friend of mine :)

Might consider coming here for holiday thou because for crew, we can get discount and they have clean beach and I never stay in Hard Rock hotel before.

Lets go holiday! Anyone wanna join me?

Since I was the tourist that day, I don't know where else I never been to. But luckily I have boney as my driver tour guide to bring me go everywhere :P

Next destination, Straits Quay!

sesat tour guide! Lol

I like this place because it's like a modern and classic place. That's how I feel about Straits Quay. Suddenly, I miss singapore :/ Hmm

It was a hot day in penang. Luckily no sun burn!

pretty hand make cakes.
You can attend classes to bake these cute cakes thou

Bag from Phuket!

After that, my tour guide has to ditch me for family dinner. Another friend of mine, victor took over and bought me to Kek Lok Si temple. I been there before but I haven't visit there when the huge buddha has completely built.


my little cute monkeys :D

Early dinner @ Dave's Deli, Queensbay Mall

I had fun guys! Thanks so much! (:

Boney, next destination is New Zealand. You have to be the tour guide AGAIN! *grins*

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Work is extremely fun,

especially when you're on the same flight with your batch mate. I'm not as lucky as my other batch mates who have flew with our batch mates few times already.

It was only my 3rd time flying with my batch mates. However, I do bumped into them during change of aircraft, waiting for transport and sometimes bumped into them in FMB.

Not long ago, Faizal Tahir (not the real celebrity ya) was paxing my flight and we were working together on the next day. It's nice working with you and hope to fly with you again :D

with the good looking fake Faizal Tahir

Suddenly, I was lucky again as I flew with 2 of my batch mates for a 5 day trips! FUN~!