Saturday, June 30, 2012

Every year

*Delayed the Taiwan post 1st* Busyyyyyyy!

Every year, we have a more than one celebration. Birthdays, festivals and random celebrations. Don't you just love celebration? As far as I know, I do! Weeeee

This post is outdated as usual. The big brother's 24th birthday, yeah dragon baby!

Venue : Neway Karaoke, ss15

thinking why such a girlish decoration *lol*

mom & birthday baby boy aka the best singer in the house

lil brother with mummy!

singing out loud *lalalalalala*

Honestly, I didn't know the bf can really sing. Shit! His voice is good thou

thanks for joining us sweet heart <3

Went back home for cutting cake session :


looks good and taste good man! Nom nom

happy birthday brother!

syok sendiri! hmmph

nice shot? hmm of course. who is the photographer? you tell me :P

finally a picture with the one and only February baby in the house

botak chin and his family

group/family picture <3


Randomness us, we tried the what 10seconds shot thingy with the camera.
And the outcomes :

Obviously no random ugly pictures of me here because I was the photographer for the day. Hence, the nice shot *scroll up back* LOL!

Good day everyone!