Saturday, July 14, 2012

From the continue...

Hehe. Apologize to the previous post. Was supposed to be a Taiwanese post *speaking broken mandarin* My very 1st visit to Taiwan but was few months ago. 

Here are some pictures snapped during my visit : 

                                                        Chinese tea anyone? Cute mugs isn't?

                                                    Toiletries set for free? They go green too!

The room beds! Cozyyyyy

You may choose option for your pillow. Very useful for me because I need a firm pillow instead of a soft one

Yays! Just what I needed :)

Holiday Inn. located in Sengkang *something like that*

Nice weather :)
 Took the hotel shutter to the city for the mrt.We went to the XiMenDing, the famous shopping spot. Damaged my wallet but mostly with something edible. Not clothes shopping *innocent again* Hahaha

Welcome peeps!

Princeton, me & joycelyn :)

Cute and adorable shampoo and masks. Too cute to use them >.<

With Catherine while waiting for Joycelyn to shop finish
 Walked around the XiMenDing and found some yummy food for dinner.

Hello CoCo! I can get you in Malaysia too :P

Us with the famous oyster mee sua! It was goooood :D

Then since we had more time, we went off to Shilin night market. Another shopping spot but with so many awesome food. You can find varies of food and clothes and more. Shopping spree!

For the train

My damaged was basically all food for the loved ones at home :) *loves

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