Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dear God,

Can you please make my life even more engrossing?

So that I'll have interesting outings/events to blog about!

Anyhow, something adorable to share with you people. Enjoy!

*Pictures taken through Google

Dear readers, I know my blog has been dreary lately but please don't give up on my blog just yet?

*big wet eyes*
I'll try to come out with countless absorbing post anytime soon by putting my full effort to it! :) I can do it! i think

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



        Sometimes it's not just about us but also the people around us. It's difficult to convince with just words. It takes effort and actions to prove things wrong. So what if it has a bad past? What we concern now is all about the present and the future. As I said before, we cant change our past but we can learn from it and take it as an experience to be better. Why want to judge a person just because of his/her past? Sometimes I'm really pissed off and honestly, I'm clueless as well. I do need help in all these. 

         Please prove it to me that what I believe in is true and worth it. I don't want to give up on an opportunity just because of what others said. I already gave up an opportunity and i do have regret on it but hey, this time I gonna seize opportunity that comes ahead. I don't want any regrets in life. Moreover, when you gave up that opportunity, there's no turning back!

Honestly, just a thought! I'm more than grateful with everything I have in life now :) 

Monday, August 13, 2012

The reasons

Blogging? Why did i started blogging? Wanna know why??

The reason why i started blogging :

1. To earn $$$ from advertising which I definitely fail :p lol

2. To meet new friends/bloggers! YES, I did meet a few :)

3. To jot down my pass so that i can remember it as I've short term memory ;p

However, as time passes by, I've the thought of quitting blogging but i couldn't. The reasons why i want to quit blogging :

1. Very little people visit my blog

2. My posts are boringggggggggg

However, I'll continue to blog. Don't worry! Hehee

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Final decision.

OMG! Look what I found in my drafts. Seems like there are quite a number of drafts in my account. Lets see maybe should I post them out WITHOUT editing them.

 This draft was written by me in the year of 2009. It was 3 years back when I'm done with my foundation in college it seemed.

Here it goes :

*Please don't laugh at me*

Now, foundation of business is done. I have to choose my degree programs already. Intake is in July.

At first, I wanted to take up Management & Marketing because I thought it was fun and challenging. When came to the 3rd semester of my foundation where I studied about human resources, a topic in management, I realized that Human Resources is an interesting subject.

From there onwards, I was planning to take up my double major in Management & Human Resources. However, the Human Resources subject is only available in Curtin University, Perth. This mean that I have to do twinning program of 1+2 which I always wanted to :)

But come to think of it, there are advantages and disadvantages of going to Perth. My parents don't prefer me to go there because they doubt that I am able to take good care of myself. I do have gastric problem and menstrual pain every month :/ In addition, the clumsiness in me and anxiety of exams.

I was really into the Human Resources subject until I don't know what should I do. To decide what should I do, I finally went to college and asked one of my college counsellor. He asked me whether am I sure about taking the double major of Managment & HR and I said yes, without any doubts. He just advice me to go check out the HR course structure in the curtin website.

I got back home and checked it. And, I found out that I have to study business statistics as one of the topic. Oh for your info, numbers is a NO NO for me. I don't like the subjects that involve numbers which explain why I am taking the theory subject for my degree.

So, most probably, I won't be taking HR subject already. Furthermore, the subjects that offer a 3+0 in Metropolitan are basically only finance, economics, accounting, marketing, management & advertising.

After discussing with my mom, I will be taking up Management & Marketing. Besides that, I guess I won't be going anywhere else but here. I will just stay in Subang and enjoy the life here although I know the life in Aussie is pretty fun :D

p/s - If I have a chance, I will prefer to made the decision that satisfy everyone else but me :)

pp/s - Hope this will be the best & right decision!