Monday, October 22, 2012

After a while

It have been a while since my dad is back for his birthday. Since this year we have the opportunity to celebrate with him, so why not? However, we celebrated for him not on the actual day of  his birthday but hey, better than nothing. Just wish that daddy will be back more often on special occasions.

We celebrated for him at Secret Recipe, Taipan at noon before his departure time. Mom reserved a table for 7 of us included the boyf. He is part of the family now *wide smile* Thanks for joining me, honey!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable birthday celebration. And most importantly, hopefully dad is happy with this simple yet sweet celebration with all of us, the blood is thicker than water relationship :)

Pictures are not in sequence. Blame the difficulties in positioning the pictures by sequence. I'm annoyed with this new blogger settings. Please excuse me. Thanks

The couples :)
Rosemary lamb shanks! Nah, not a right choice to order this. Not yummy as claimed

Family picture with an extra family member :P

Mom wanted to look petite so she hide in between! lol

Mom's tom yam something something. X order this whenever you're in Secret Recipe! 
So full after eating lunch. But hey, happy face with a full stomach! Great combination isn't? :D

With the one and only baby sister! She was back for a while during summer break! Miss her already :(

so tempting. I'm hungry now T___T

Good look with cutting your hard brownies, daddy!

Daddy was enjoying his spaghetti *slurpssss*

Family picture. Why the quality of the pic isn't that good? Geez

Fish & Chips! A normal order in Secret Recipe.

With the love of my life :)

Us again!

The picture that made us laughed until our tummy ached like crazy! Good job, daddy!

Curry laksa. Doesn't taste that excellent because not enough spicy!

Our starter was the chicken curry puff

A happy birthday man with his wide bright smile

Chicken lasagna. I love lasagna although they are fattening :(

Oglio olio spaghetti for daddy

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Mommy & daddy! <3>

I'm sexy and I know it!

the silly billy killy siblings <3>

Busy brother texting the gf. Wonder why didn't he bring her along =/

Birthday cake brownies. Something different for a change

The epic picture of the day!