Friday, August 30, 2013

Maldives babeh

Finally, oh my don't be jelly about this. Have you been to male aka Maldives? Ohhh I can proudly said I DID and its not for holiday or trip that I have to come out my own money but it was because of work. Malaysia Airlines do fly to Maldives but recently, we have nightstop there. Before this we were doing turnaround flight. Midnight zombie flight :/ 

Arrived there around midnight so we decided to chill by the pool side with some snacks and drinks. 

         The water is so clear. 
          Look at the small fish.

The next day, we woke up early and took the boat shuttle to the main city. There are many small islands in Maldives. 

                Our free boat ride 

       The group picture include the tech crews :)

                    The main city 

We paid a visit to the fish market.

             Look at the Tuna Fish.
So freaking big and I wonder how heavy does it weigh 😯

And we also went to the vegetable market. All the fruits and vegetable there are so fresh and huge. Really huge :0 

         Huge banana banana banana ~

                  Practicing yoga :) 

      OMG! Look at the sea. So clear. 
   Like heaven *as if I been to heaven lol*

       While waiting for our shuttle back to the hotel. It was very hot 😣

       The hotel provided by our company

The amazing view from my room during the daytime :)

Swimming and snorkeling are the must activities in Maldives. However, I'm not a water sport person so I wasted my time by helping the rest to snap pictures and taking care of their personal belongings haha

     Chilling by the pool before call time 

Maldives is wonderful. Great place for relaxation and honeymoon. Everything there is pretty expensive because the most common currency used is US Dollar *kachi kachi* 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How interesting


Was supposed to be sleeping early tonight for tomorrow morning flight but somehow I couldn't sleep. So decided to scroll back all the old and antiques blog posts and I actually realised that I do like blogging but what makes me stop is the hectic busy crazy flying work life *yeah busy dating too* haha 

But I make a promise to myself and my piggyvic blog, I'll try my very best to update it as much as I could. 

So please bear with me and give me the strength to blog wtf 


*sleep mode on*

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Sometimes I really wonder why some people can be that rude and never appreciate what others have done for them. Come on, people being nice to you and the least you can do is a THANK YOU! 

Oh well, this nothing I can do if you want to be impolite or whatsoever. Like a sayings, ignorance is bliss. True enough. 

Just saying :) 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oink oink bun

Have you heard about Macau pork bun? I didn't until my fiancΓ© told me about it. He knew it from others actually. Haha. But he took all the credit :p 

We tried the Macau pork bun @ Tai Lei Loi Kei @ IOI Boulevard Puchong. It located next to Tong Pak Fu. 

The pork bun pretty yummy but no doubts it's quite pricey as this set of signature pork bun with Macau milk tea (but you can choose other drinks as well such as coffee or tea) costed us rm13.90 per set. 

But good thing that it located next to Tong Pak Fu is that with original receipt of any purchase at Tai Lei Loi Kei, you can purchase any desert with 20% discount but only valid from MON-FRI before 2000/8pm. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Where is the fun?

Greetings from HKG. Will be staying here for night only. Have been staying in the whole day because was pretty lazy to go out. The city is like 45mins away by train. Ordered room service for dinner, watched MTV for some songs, slacked on the bed with the iPad, played clash of clans. What a relaxing life I'm having here :) 

On board earlier, saw some beautiful scenery and thought of sharing with my dearest readers which I'm still wondering whether anyone still visit here. Haha 

Pretty scenery aren't they? 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I need a mask

Ever since I'm working, keeping myself to look prettier is a must especially come to a job which required me to be a model and a professional waiter *waiter, omg so glamorous of being a stewardess* . 

Please bear in mind that keeping a lady look pretty is not an easy job because the cosmetics out there are really pain in the ass. Is not like I'm earning big bucks. 

And I always believe that Korean facial products are interesting and they are the most real nature products in the market.

Knowing my face is a sensitive one, I decided to try this bamboo face mask by The Face Shop for the 1st time since this mask is not that pain the in ass :p hehe 

Hoping it does help my skin to glow better *fingers crossed*

Friday, August 09, 2013

A new test

This is late but nevertheless Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all the Muslims out there. Have a safe journey back to wherever you're heading to and enjoy all the yummy food during this festive season. 

This picture is so cute. Got it from one of my colleague. 

p/s : was posting this thru my iPhone with blogger app. I hope it does work. 

Welcome back pig

I was thinking on what do I usually do during my free time. No doubts that I'm a good sleeper (ya sure, I call myself a pig) but sleeping is somehow a wasting activity. So besides reading, I guess I should try to spend more time on my abandoned blog and update it with some boring or perhaps not so interesting posts/stories/nonsense/blog entries or whatsoever you call it lol.

And of course, it's already 2am in the freaking morning and yet I'm still awake, like once in a blue moon unless I'm working. Crazy job I have here. So time to hit the sack and dream about some zombies eating my brain. Blame the plants vs zombie game. Hey, at least better than dreaming about the movie, Conjuring. Good luck! Nights