Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Senior? Ya sure

Just came back home from senior cabin crew training class. A class where we are totally trained to be supervisory crew in case there's no leading on board. 

Class was absolute boring but I had lots of fun because half of my batchmates were there too. Good to see them and knowing they are doing good :) 

        With Siew lee, our big sister 

Pure candid pic. Sorry guys. 

     The lovely guys, Haniff and Julian

Class started at 08.30 and ended at 1700. Basically, I spent my whole day in the academy with only like 10% of what I learnt in class today. 

Is not that I didn't pay attention but just that most of the knowledge taught in class was something where we learnt about it before during initial. So this class is like a refresher class :0 

Our bible during initial training. Now? The bible is staying at home nicely and protecting our house lol 

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Nails. Why you so long?

Recently, I tried putting on acrylic nails. It was very pretty but of course it's really long. Indeed, it was easy to put on. I bought the DIY ones so it took me less than 15mins to have them on my original nails. 

All I need was nails glue and the acrylic nails. As simple as ABC 

So pretty in pink with those white flowers :) :) 

Instagram version. Can you find me with the name of victoriapang. The lady in blue in the profile pic :D 

After 2 hours with that long nails, I decided to remove it because I'm not used to those super long nails. What more? If I'm going to work? Felt so silly for not thinking twice before putting it on 

Glue remover and nails polish remover. It does seems easy to remove those nails but if the nails are intact with your original nails for long then it would be a different story.

There goes to my nails ;( Such as waste! 
Please ignore the clash of clans at the back. Addicted to that game ever since the 1st day. 

Friday, October 04, 2013


 " I'm tired of talk that come to nothing "  - Chief Joseph 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

At the airport

Am currently having my early breakfast at the airport. No, I'm not traveling. I'm heading to work. Tell me this is crazy because my pick up was at 0155 and my reporting will be at 0325. So damn early. Btw my flight schedule departure is at 0455 to Phuket (HKT)

A cup of green tea with a curry chicken puff :)

But I'm still hungry. Help! Eating at this kind of timing will increase your waist line. Geez. Help help help