Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Senior? Ya sure

Just came back home from senior cabin crew training class. A class where we are totally trained to be supervisory crew in case there's no leading on board. 

Class was absolute boring but I had lots of fun because half of my batchmates were there too. Good to see them and knowing they are doing good :) 

        With Siew lee, our big sister 

Pure candid pic. Sorry guys. 

     The lovely guys, Haniff and Julian

Class started at 08.30 and ended at 1700. Basically, I spent my whole day in the academy with only like 10% of what I learnt in class today. 

Is not that I didn't pay attention but just that most of the knowledge taught in class was something where we learnt about it before during initial. So this class is like a refresher class :0 

Our bible during initial training. Now? The bible is staying at home nicely and protecting our house lol 

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