Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dye dye die

How's my lovely people doing? It's almost end of the year. Hopefully December will be a good month for everyone. Time to get ready to say goodbye to 2013 soon. 

Just re-dye my hair the other day at Malacca since I have some free time. 

Surprisingly, dye my whole head cost me rm120 including treatment. It's not a high end saloon but still a saloon what. 

I don't really bother about high class branded saloon. I only concern about the outcome of my hair colour and guess what?!! 

I'm in love with my new hair colour! 
I love it so much until I look into the mirror like 1037473920161819 times a day :D

Messy hair but look at the colour! Pretty isn't? :) :)

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