Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meow meow

I just came back from facial, straight after work and I'm tired :( moreover, I need to wake up as early as 0400 for work tomorrow -.- I love my job booo


Sometimes people tend to do nice things to nice people. If you aren't a nice person, people won't do anything nice for you. I believe in that. So people who isn't nice, please try to be one :) it's no harm being nice to anyone out there. I know the world is cruel but not everyone is bad. There are still nice people out there right?

The other day, I was flying with this nice leading steward and he was called up on his birthday (poor thing). We actually didn't know it was his birthday until a stewardess told us. She accidentally checked on his airport pass and she found out it was actually his birthday. 

The worst part was our flight was delayed and we only did Kuching flight. We were thinking on what can we buy for him at Kuching airport. 

We didn't want to buy any food like cake for him because we wanted to buy something memorable for him. 

So ended up, we managed to find this cute cat statue : 

And we as cabin crew, we're like mutli tasker and we can do anything. That's how the birthday wish and names mentioned in the birthday present. 

Hopefully Han Kie likes the present. It was just something small for him only :) 

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