Monday, December 23, 2013

Back pain. Geez

Have been having pain so much lately especially on my back. Must be the workload or the wrong posture. Mainly I blame my job scope @.@ 

So now you think becoming a stewardess is easy? Think twice peeps! 

After months of pain, I decided to seek a professional medical personnel. And currently, I'm still queing for my MRI scan *im in the hospital for like....6 freaking hours already*

How can I go for physiotherapy when the doctor doesn't even know what's wrong with my back? 

And yes I did went for it -.- the nurse came and took me to the rehabitation centre. NO CHOICE :( 

Dear youngsters, please take good care of your back bone properly. Don't over work it. 

Shot. GTG. Battery left 4% and I don't have my charger with me. Boo and bye!

Monday, December 16, 2013

White Christmas

Although I'm not a Christian and I don't celebrate Christmas, I believe this festive season is indeed a big celebration. Every malls you go, you'll see a Christmas tree and some pretty decorations. 

Even hotels have them too. I saw this pretty white Christmas tree in Hilton hotel at Kuching when I was there for nightstop :)

               Simple and yet pretty 

I find this so adorable. Small little decoration nearby the main entrance to the hotel. 

Merry Christmas to those are celebration and hope you guys have a good one with all the presents and Santa Claus :D 

Monday, December 09, 2013

Like what the title said... Journey of happiness

Just like some may know what's going on already by pictures posted up in Facebook. 

Indeed, I'm a married woman now. A new chapter in life. And of course, a new journey of happiness :) 

My lovely hydrangeas bouquet in cream and blue combination from flower world. 

ROM took place at Thean Hou Temple at 1000am with family members, relatives and friends (more picture on them on the next post) 

So here come a camwhore picture of me, the bride : 

Hair do by De Art hair salon at USJ 19 (previously located at taipan beside baskin robbin)
Dress by Marry Merry, Pavilion KL
Make up by own 

So the interesting part is during the vows ceremony. Of course you'll be nervous the 1st time. I can't lie, of course I'm nervous but I'm excited and happy that  I'm with him :) 

Concentrating on what's coming up next *serious mode*

Taking vows and yes, marriage is for a lifetime. 

                Officially Mrs.choi 

What's next? Perhaps a little baby? That's what everyone asked me so when is junior choi coming. Honestly, we're gonna get a baby after our wedding ceremony which will be held in June 2014 

Friday, December 06, 2013

1st time HYD

New Delhi and Mumbai are the 2 common place that we nightstop for Indian route. Now, we have new nightstop which is Hyderabad. Don't know where is it? Go google! 

It was my 1st time nightstoping at HYD. 

Panorama view of the big and pretty room 

Relaxing before bedtime :) 

The next day, woke up early for breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is never a word in my dictionary. My 1st meal for the day is usually lunch. 

However, since we're heading to the city so we decided to have free buffet breakfast and yes, I dragged myself out from bed @.@ 

Bakery selection 

Free pancake from the chef, just for us. Awwww

After done with breakfast, we took the free shuttle to the city. 1st stop, Hard Rock Cafe, the place where most crews like to visit. Not me! 

While waiting for them to shop. I have nothing to shop in hard rock store 

Welcome to hard rock Hyderabad 

From captain's phone 

All the hard rock's fan. I wonder why. 
Is not like their products are damn good quality or whatsoever. Sorry hard rock's fan out there :3

Next stop, time to indulge ourselves. The hot spot for briyani rice will be paradise and they provide free wifi. Kiasu much 

Funny fella. And such a poser. It was great flying with you :)

Briyani rice which I don't fancy eating. Moreover, it's SUPER fattening 

 Group picture of hungry us :)

Before leaving Hyderabad with everyone without the captain 

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Hello food

Besides going dating on a my off days, I do spend some time with my mom too. So what most lady do when they have spare time? We went shopping! :) ;) double happiness. 

No we don't celebrate Christmas but we just go shopping for fun. Yes, it does really release stress and bring happiness to me haha 

Make me mad and then bring me go shopping and I'll forgive you! Lol 

Just some pictures taken on that shopping day. No picture of myself cause I didn't feel like wanna camwhore :0

Chicken lasagna. I like eating lasagna but  I always regret eating it as it contains lots of calorie aka fats :/


      Vegetarian pasta for mom

Yummy fried calamari and onion ring as appetizer 

               Hi mom! I love you <3

The insta version 

3 more days! ;) triple happiness. Wanna know why? Wait for it.