Thursday, December 05, 2013

Hello food

Besides going dating on a my off days, I do spend some time with my mom too. So what most lady do when they have spare time? We went shopping! :) ;) double happiness. 

No we don't celebrate Christmas but we just go shopping for fun. Yes, it does really release stress and bring happiness to me haha 

Make me mad and then bring me go shopping and I'll forgive you! Lol 

Just some pictures taken on that shopping day. No picture of myself cause I didn't feel like wanna camwhore :0

Chicken lasagna. I like eating lasagna but  I always regret eating it as it contains lots of calorie aka fats :/


      Vegetarian pasta for mom

Yummy fried calamari and onion ring as appetizer 

               Hi mom! I love you <3

The insta version 

3 more days! ;) triple happiness. Wanna know why? Wait for it. 

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