Friday, January 10, 2014

The big 70th birthday

Last year somewhere around November , I went back malacca to celebrate my aunt's 70th birthday. For Chinese, turning 70th is quite a big celebration. Don't know the reason why ._. 

I went back with mom and the boyf. It was pretty fun spending time with them and also relatives that we only see them once a year during Chinese New Year.

It was like a family gathering :) 

The handmade/homemade pulut tekan, a must cake for baba nyonya for big day 

Yes, I'm a baba nyonya. That's explain my weird chinese name if you know me well enough 

The two kampung people with the rambutans

The maid for the day. Hahah. 

Crazy looking me. My eyes where got THAT big?????

Most of the ladies wanted to look at their best for the dinner so we went to the hair saloon nearby.

He was also the driver for the day.
Love you honey <3

That's where I dye-ed my hair :) :)

Okay, I'm tired. No captions for the pictures below. Need to sleep soon :/

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