Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Belated one...

I was born on the 28th of Jan! So yeah, I just turned 24th and I'm feeling old ever since I turned 20th lol 

Every year, on the 28th Jan, I never wanted a big or a surprised birthday celebration (not even on my 21st) because I'm a pretty private person. I always prefer to spend this day with my loved ones and close friends! 

I don't feel it's a very special day for me hence I always treat it as a normal day. Of course, I'm happy that I'm born out to this world but when age is catching up, I believe you don't even want to celebrate it. 

Although I'm kinda afraid I'm gonna be old but in a way, I'm excited to welcome the future and see how/what it brings me. 

So yea once again, 

to myself! :)

Wish you were here with me honey! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I have no idea on what title should I put...

The other day, met up with the buddies of mine for brunch. At 1st, we were supposed to meet up at Antipodean, Bangsar but in the end, we had our brunch at Labodega, Empire. Changed of plan last minute.

Just a short random catch up with them as Jason is leaving to Manchester for further studies. All the best Jason! 

After brunch, took mom to Kenanga City mall in KL for a random window shopping. Never been there so decide to go look see look see :p 

And they have lion dance performance.

The lion was teasing the small baby in the stroller. I wonder why didn't the baby cry. Haha evil me *curiosity kills* 

We were like hopping around shopping malls. Mid valley was our next destination. Thanks God it wasn't jam and the traffic was smooth *thumbs up* I like! 

Mom with the CNY decorations as I was camera shy :0

Shopping was quite productive :)

Friday, January 17, 2014

So smart, I love her!

Nah, I'm not the smart one. Boo

If you saw my Instagram picture then you should have know this picture :

This green ribbon hair accessories was made by hand by my sister. My sister is always the smart one, she is good in so many things. 

And I'm like the opposite of her. There isn't any jealously among us because I'm so proud of my sister :) 

Sometimes I wish she is back here with me so we can spend more time together like we used to do :( 

On the other hand, I do hope that she is successful there with her career and get a PR in the states *its not easy to get one* 

 I miss my sister so much. She is the only sister I have and we have been so close ever since we were young! 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fatty me

Recently I realize I have gain some weight and I really freak out like crazy. I do know in fact that the reason why I gain some weight is because I'm currently on longgggg medical leave due to my back injuries :( bummer! 

Usually, no matter how much I eat, I won't gain weight because my job required me to do many physical activities *thats why I injured my back bone* 

So now I'm in doubt of quitting my job but deep down in my heart, I know I'll be submitting my resignation soon. 

Just don't know when :( 

So my so called 2014 resolution is to lost some weight ! 

Need to look pretty and skinnier for my wedding wei. I don't want to be a fat bride :( :( 

In need to change my eating pattern, trying to avoid unhealthy food or fatty food especially fast food *although they taste so gooood* NO MORE MCD!! 

And of course, must try to exercise more but I might not be able to do much due to the back injuries. So we shall see how it goes *finger crossed*

Goodbye MCD! See you... NOT SO SOON! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let's spend more money

I wonder what kind of job can pay me like....RM100 000 monthly. Of course legal job, not the hanky panky kind of jobs although I know they earn big bucks.

 Living in this society where everything has increase its price makes me feel like I'm so much poorer now. Gah

Basically all items has increase it prices because of the hike of prices on petrol, toll and electricity. 

Hell yea I spent pretty a lot today on shopping for house holds items. But I'm pretty excited for my new house renovation to be completed :) 

Spent my whole day with mummy today. Went to empire and subang parade and also mylano haus in bandar kinara. 

Usually, I prefer to stay at home on weekends because of the traffic and super packed shopping mall and not forgetting the difficulties in finding for parking. Have to cramp with everyone. Yer no thanks 

But today I have no choice *ssshhh* 

This was for tea time. How to don't get fat? Eat like 4 meals per day :( 

Was hoping for lion dance. I super LOVE lion dance which I never figure out why -.- ????

#ootd casual and lazy *the exact caption in instagram* lol 

Sofa hunting! So interesting :) :)

The outcome for today and of course we haven't get the new sofa. Need to wait till May. 

Now it's time to spend less and save more! Boooo. Oh but CNY is near the corner, how to don't spend for CNY? 

*praying for money to drop from the sky*

Friday, January 10, 2014

The big 70th birthday

Last year somewhere around November , I went back malacca to celebrate my aunt's 70th birthday. For Chinese, turning 70th is quite a big celebration. Don't know the reason why ._. 

I went back with mom and the boyf. It was pretty fun spending time with them and also relatives that we only see them once a year during Chinese New Year.

It was like a family gathering :) 

The handmade/homemade pulut tekan, a must cake for baba nyonya for big day 

Yes, I'm a baba nyonya. That's explain my weird chinese name if you know me well enough 

The two kampung people with the rambutans

The maid for the day. Hahah. 

Crazy looking me. My eyes where got THAT big?????

Most of the ladies wanted to look at their best for the dinner so we went to the hair saloon nearby.

He was also the driver for the day.
Love you honey <3

That's where I dye-ed my hair :) :)

Okay, I'm tired. No captions for the pictures below. Need to sleep soon :/

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Yes memories


Cny is near the corner. So excited. But spring cleaning is also here. Means more cleaning = giving away more unwanted stuffs. Haha 

I won't denied that I actually have bad habit of throwing or giving away unwanted/maybe new/maybe wore or used once things/clothes when I do spring cleaning. 

Note : I do "spring cleaning" at least thrice a year. So try imagine how many stuffs I have been giving away as charity *good deeds lol*

Thursday, January 02, 2014

More share

More pictures of my friends during my ROM. There's more of course but then I'm pretty lazy to upload all into a post. So here is some of them : 

Better than nothing right? Lol 

My ji muis excluding my sister :(

The best friend!! <3

The another best friend! <3 

We're friend for like what? 10years already and still counting :) :)

The guy friends! It have been a while since I met up with them. Am glad that they made it for my ROM! Thanks guys :D

The both parents and us who didn't look into the camera. Too many cameras around already -,- 

Superstar what!! 

Another best friend! The friend that make my college like interesting and glad that we're still babes :) :)

And of course the friends that we grow up with for years : 

The high school gang 

All grown up :') 

The flying friends ; 

My bitchmates aka batchmates :p

Although only 4 of then turned up but we still managed to catch up. I understand that crews are basically busy flying and our scheduled aren't like normal office hour so yeah. Thanks for coming guy!!

I'm glad that most of my important people in my life turned up to share this memorable day with me. Simple and private celebration are what I love the most!  

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hello 2014

The time has come. A new brand year is here. Let's welcome 2014 and hopefully this horse year will be good to everyone out there. It's my year. Hello horsey ;) :) 

Yeah. Wishing everyone has a good year ahead. More health and wealth to come.

Just be a good year dearest 2014. I'm so excited for 2014 cause I have 2 major things going on :D 

The last picture for 2013. 

Thanks for giving me such a wonderful 2013. It wasn't a perfect year but thank god for the strength and my loved ones to be with me to go through all the ups and downs. I love you guys! 

Let's do it 2014 :)