Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fatty me

Recently I realize I have gain some weight and I really freak out like crazy. I do know in fact that the reason why I gain some weight is because I'm currently on longgggg medical leave due to my back injuries :( bummer! 

Usually, no matter how much I eat, I won't gain weight because my job required me to do many physical activities *thats why I injured my back bone* 

So now I'm in doubt of quitting my job but deep down in my heart, I know I'll be submitting my resignation soon. 

Just don't know when :( 

So my so called 2014 resolution is to lost some weight ! 

Need to look pretty and skinnier for my wedding wei. I don't want to be a fat bride :( :( 

In need to change my eating pattern, trying to avoid unhealthy food or fatty food especially fast food *although they taste so gooood* NO MORE MCD!! 

And of course, must try to exercise more but I might not be able to do much due to the back injuries. So we shall see how it goes *finger crossed*

Goodbye MCD! See you... NOT SO SOON! 

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