Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let's spend more money

I wonder what kind of job can pay me like....RM100 000 monthly. Of course legal job, not the hanky panky kind of jobs although I know they earn big bucks.

 Living in this society where everything has increase its price makes me feel like I'm so much poorer now. Gah

Basically all items has increase it prices because of the hike of prices on petrol, toll and electricity. 

Hell yea I spent pretty a lot today on shopping for house holds items. But I'm pretty excited for my new house renovation to be completed :) 

Spent my whole day with mummy today. Went to empire and subang parade and also mylano haus in bandar kinara. 

Usually, I prefer to stay at home on weekends because of the traffic and super packed shopping mall and not forgetting the difficulties in finding for parking. Have to cramp with everyone. Yer no thanks 

But today I have no choice *ssshhh* 

This was for tea time. How to don't get fat? Eat like 4 meals per day :( 

Was hoping for lion dance. I super LOVE lion dance which I never figure out why -.- ????

#ootd casual and lazy *the exact caption in instagram* lol 

Sofa hunting! So interesting :) :)

The outcome for today and of course we haven't get the new sofa. Need to wait till May. 

Now it's time to spend less and save more! Boooo. Oh but CNY is near the corner, how to don't spend for CNY? 

*praying for money to drop from the sky*

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