Thursday, January 02, 2014

More share

More pictures of my friends during my ROM. There's more of course but then I'm pretty lazy to upload all into a post. So here is some of them : 

Better than nothing right? Lol 

My ji muis excluding my sister :(

The best friend!! <3

The another best friend! <3 

We're friend for like what? 10years already and still counting :) :)

The guy friends! It have been a while since I met up with them. Am glad that they made it for my ROM! Thanks guys :D

The both parents and us who didn't look into the camera. Too many cameras around already -,- 

Superstar what!! 

Another best friend! The friend that make my college like interesting and glad that we're still babes :) :)

And of course the friends that we grow up with for years : 

The high school gang 

All grown up :') 

The flying friends ; 

My bitchmates aka batchmates :p

Although only 4 of then turned up but we still managed to catch up. I understand that crews are basically busy flying and our scheduled aren't like normal office hour so yeah. Thanks for coming guy!!

I'm glad that most of my important people in my life turned up to share this memorable day with me. Simple and private celebration are what I love the most!  

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