Friday, January 17, 2014

So smart, I love her!

Nah, I'm not the smart one. Boo

If you saw my Instagram picture then you should have know this picture :

This green ribbon hair accessories was made by hand by my sister. My sister is always the smart one, she is good in so many things. 

And I'm like the opposite of her. There isn't any jealously among us because I'm so proud of my sister :) 

Sometimes I wish she is back here with me so we can spend more time together like we used to do :( 

On the other hand, I do hope that she is successful there with her career and get a PR in the states *its not easy to get one* 

 I miss my sister so much. She is the only sister I have and we have been so close ever since we were young! 



Vanessa said...

I'm smart but you're smart in other ways :) I miss you so much too. Kinda regret leaving upstairs room so early. Sobs :'( I love you! <3

Victoria said...

Missing you back home mei mei! I love you too <3