Thursday, February 27, 2014

Date date me!

Postponed the other blog posts 1st. Just got back home from a date with the husband *who said married already can't go dating* It's been a while since we catch a movie. 

Usually we download movie and watch at home because I'm pretty weird as I need to have the mood to watch movie. Yeah, that's weird @.@ 

So today randomly we just went out for lunch then also because he wanted to check the Sony Sales at Sunway pyramid. 

That's right, Sony is having sales now as they are upgrading their outlet for a better one. Go check it out. 

However, we didn't get anything as he thought there'll be pS4 with cheaper price. Awwww it's okay honey *sayang you*

I think it's fated for us to watch Non-Stop because we arrived the ticket counter 10mins before the screening time and there're seats available :) 

There goes our rm28 plus rm14 for popcorn. Haha 

Rating : 6.5/10

Honestly, I just like Liam Neeson's movies *the father saves daughter and became hero thingy* and also because this movie was filmed in a plane. 
AIRPLANE! So exciting lol 

Selfie because I wanna see how's my pimples doing *cannot use mirror cause it will break hahahahaha* Go away pimples pretty please

Yes, I like it duo colour! :) 


Till then, see ya dearest readers! Happy Weekends lovelies <3

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stay in!

Oh my god, the HOT weather is killing me. That's the main reason why I stay in the whole day today and also yesterday. Haha. I'm afraid of the sun. Never like it before :) No one does! 

When the sun goes down, I quickly go get a cold shower and get ready for dinner with mom. 

And.... I'M SAD & STRESS! 

Because... I have pimples! 

Ignore them! ;( ;( ;( 

Anyways, mom treated me a delicious dinner today. So sweet of her <3 

We had our late dinner at Chilli's, Empire Hotel! Just the two of us ;) So lovely dovey

Triple dippers as our appetizers which came together with our main course -.-

All the mom's favorite 

I always enjoy spending my quality time with my mom. She is my everything! Love you mom! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Talking about journey...

Everyone knows life isn't easy but as long as you're happy, you'll be able to live life perfectly and happily. Try to live your life by your own and don't live it for others. Nobody really care about you except your loved ones. But think about it, how long can your loved ones think for you? Their whole life? Until they are 150year old? Even if that really happen, that's great! 

I know life can't be perfect but try seeing imperfect things and make them perfect! Not everyone can do that. Not everyone live life simple. Not everyone is a perfectionist. 

So think about it. 4 letter words 1 meaning ;L I F E 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life huh?

Dear someone, 

Don't you think you're being used most of the time when it comes to financial? I know it's okay to help out but I think it's too much. Just because you're the one earning big bucks *so does that fella* so you're supposed to help everyone when they come to you? Ya ya deep down,I "totally understand" BULLSHIT!  

Honestly, I don't! 

I just feel like you're being used all this while and I can't do anything about it. Because I know if I voice out, you'll give me all the reasoning you could *if not like they are not paying back bla bla bla*. 
So what's the point for me to voice out? Doesn't make any difference at all. I know. I really know. Frustrated. 

I'm just thinking for your sake. If not, who else? And it hurts me so much because I have to deal it with myself. So much about being the good one eh? Ya by right, you told me earlier about this and I should learn to accept it. What if I can't? I just....can't do it. 

Total bullshit! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I should have finish blogging about my CNY part 2 & 3 & so on but let me speak out what am I feeling nowadays. Need to rant out everything in my brain so I could have better sleep every night. Stupid insomnia 

* Oh I have my brother's birthday post too* Okayyyy, skip forward! 

Seen this? Follow me @victoriapang in Instagram :) 

It's not the right time to promote!! Great job Vic! those who doesn't know me or  what's happening in my life currently. Let me keep it short ; 

1. I quit flying
2. I got a job offer BUT I REJECTED IT *what's wrong with me* 
3. I felt so BAD for rejecting it 

How now? I'm surprised that I actually rejected it because it was an easy way to get into the company. It's a bank btw. 

But the job offer is related to a field I don't think so I can be good in it *self convince* 

So yeah! Goodbye easy way in! 

And please stop bugging and making me so guilty about it! It's not meant for me.

Till then, good luck for the next job hunting! *thumbs up* 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Next level.

Oh no, I'm in dilemma now. Don't know whether should I take the job offer? Not sure whether it is something I wanna do for long term. Being in a sale area isn't easy. But as long as you work hard then it shouldn't be a problem right? * I keep psycho myself* 

But I don't wanna disappoint myself IF I couldn't do well. And also my superior for giving me the opportunity to learn new stuffs. 

How now brown cow? Decision making isn't my expertise. Geez. 

Let me think about it and stick to the firm decision that will be made tomorrow when I'm awake. 

Meanwhile, let me have a good sleep tonight. Nights lovelies! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is in the air!

Yes, love is indeed in the air. So happy valentine's day to every couple out there and have a loveable celebration. 

To those are still single, don't worry, you will find your soulmate once the time is right. So meanwhile, go celebrate this wonderful day filled with so much love with your loved ones. They can be your family members or anyone who is special to you! 

You can do anything today but as long as you're not alone! Don't be a Lone Ranger

Although my hubby isn't around but I'll be spending this special day with my family members :)

You're my everything. I love you more I could even imagined. Come back home soon. I miss you! <3

Celebration of valentine's day will be post up soon *i hope* Stay tune lovelies! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It feels good...hello 2014

Reunion dinner night #cny 

This year mom was being lazy so we decided to eat out for reunion dinner. Just the four of us. It felt different because younger sis and bro weren't around :( Hope you guys enjoyed your cny in the states *although I know Malaysia celebration is better boo you* haha evil me! 

But we miss you guys dearly :( 

Of course, 1st Yee sang is with the family. This year I had 4 Yee sang ^.^ 

Louuuuuuuu yeeeeeeee sangggggg. Louuuu ahhhh Lou ahhhhh 

The expensive package mom chose for reunion dinner includes 8 dishes plus 1 yee sang 

#2 so called shark fin soup 

Say no to shark fin soup! SAY NO!!! Make it as your new year resolution! 

#3 steamed fish. Promphet or garupa not so sure. Don't fancy steam fishes 

#4 sliced abalone with seaweed and beancurd *thumbs up*

#5 Roasted duck but no picture because I don't eat duck and ducky isn't good enough to be in my blog. Sorry lol 

#6 3 types of pork with a duck and some vegetables 

#7 Glutionous rice. Don't fancy rice so again NO picture 

#8 Dessert time! Kuih bakul with coconut slice topping and custard ballsssss

With red bean soup. 

The food was okay okay normal. Not very good nor very bad. But I like the ambiance of the restaurant. Oh didn't I mention where was it? 

The grand imperial USJ 19 was the venue! 

Nearby my place and so convenient. However, those are the plus points but during these kinds of festive season, you have very limited time to indulge your meals. 

For my case, we have like what? Errr 45mins to finish all the 8dishes. Craziness. Don't even have time to munch your food properly. Indigestion came after that 

But but but WE HAVE TIME TO CAMWHORE! :) :) :) :) 


Naked face girl with mummy! 

The big bully! With hair. Lol :0

This was how we wished everyone happy cny 2014. Horsey year. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Must pray. Don't play!

It was time to pray for Pai Ting Kong every chor 9th. My mom never missed it so hopefully our family get all the blessings haha kiasu 

As usual, moms will be the one preparing all the prayers stuffs. Please love your mom ya peeps! And do help her out too. 

I'm sorry mom that I didn't help much this year. Don't be mad at me. Love you hehe 

Ehh actually I did help out on folding all the money papers $$$ 

So much money wei for the god! I also want that much money. Haha. I can become a god too then can wish for everything. So greedy ah this lady over here? Gah

Can hashtag #ootd ah? Haha 

Last but not least, who doesn't like to play big fire and not getting saman for doing so?

On the negative side, air pollution always increase during this burning festive season haha! 

But once a year okay lahhhhh 

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Life is indeed a journey..

Recently, I just submit my resignation letter to the company. The reason why I'm leaving is basically due to medical reason. Back injury :( 

Sometimes I always wonder, why am I so fragile? :(

Flying is a job that seems easy but the truth is it isn't easy. Trust me, I been through. 

I know people will think "wah stewardess, she is must so pretty and hot and bla bla bla " 

Being pretty of course is a good thing but flying isn't just being pretty. It's more than that. The main reason why cabin crews are in the plane is for your safety. 

Oh wait. I didn't want to explain about being a cabin crew. 


So.....actually, I'm quite confused and lost now ever since I'm unemployed. I know after working SO HARD for 3years, I deserved to have a break and enjoy my life before starting a new career. 

But what's about my monthly commitment? Car installment, insurance and food and not forgetting shopping. Joking! 

How how how?!! Stress 

Some advised me to go back to studies and some even advised me to be a housewife since I'm planning to start a family soon. 

But if you asked me what do I want? Honestly, I don't know. 

*if only I really know what I want to do*


Wednesday, February 05, 2014


No no. Not my wedding! Wait till June okay. Haha. Attended a wedding at taiping before the year 2013 ended. It was on November, if I'm not mistaken. Blame the short term memory loss. 

It was my husband's cousin's wedding. The wedding dinner was held in a Chinese restaurant *couldnt remember the name of it* The ambience of the restaurant was alright, not very grand and  I'm sorry to say the food wasn't good at all. Honest opinion. 

Couldn't complain much as it wasn't a well known restaurant or a 5 star restaurant :0 

I understand that it's not cheap to held a wedding because everything is so expensive now. However, if the ambience  isn't that good but at least *i was hoping* the food is good or something. 


They have a live band that sing Chinese love songs most of the time. I know it's a
Chinese wedding but I'm a banana. Half banana only wei, not too bad huh 

Kinda lazy to dress up so just a simple #ootd 

With the mother-in-law *ignore my fat face thx*

#selfie Never fail to snap one! Haha 

Us again! <3

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Happy February

Gong Hei Fatt Choy everyone! How's your CNY treating you all so far? Don't forget to eat all the good food *only diet after cny* and definitely please do spend the quality time with your loved ones. 

I know I know, it's festive season and I shall be celebrating plus enjoying CNY but I'm so bored because am currently stuck in the jam from malacca going back to kl boooo (Always hate the traffic during festive season Argh)

However, CNY post will be coming up later *hopefully*

You know anot that my Chinese birthday actually falls on the 2nd day of CNY in the Chinese calendar? I wonder does it related as I love this festive season more than my birthday LOL

Such a pretty birthday ice cream cake from baskin Robbins. I chose my own birthday cake because of the ice cream flavour

With the candle version :)

Made more wishes this year compared to last year. Greedy! Haha