Thursday, February 06, 2014

Life is indeed a journey..

Recently, I just submit my resignation letter to the company. The reason why I'm leaving is basically due to medical reason. Back injury :( 

Sometimes I always wonder, why am I so fragile? :(

Flying is a job that seems easy but the truth is it isn't easy. Trust me, I been through. 

I know people will think "wah stewardess, she is must so pretty and hot and bla bla bla " 

Being pretty of course is a good thing but flying isn't just being pretty. It's more than that. The main reason why cabin crews are in the plane is for your safety. 

Oh wait. I didn't want to explain about being a cabin crew. 


So.....actually, I'm quite confused and lost now ever since I'm unemployed. I know after working SO HARD for 3years, I deserved to have a break and enjoy my life before starting a new career. 

But what's about my monthly commitment? Car installment, insurance and food and not forgetting shopping. Joking! 

How how how?!! Stress 

Some advised me to go back to studies and some even advised me to be a housewife since I'm planning to start a family soon. 

But if you asked me what do I want? Honestly, I don't know. 

*if only I really know what I want to do*


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