Monday, February 10, 2014

Must pray. Don't play!

It was time to pray for Pai Ting Kong every chor 9th. My mom never missed it so hopefully our family get all the blessings haha kiasu 

As usual, moms will be the one preparing all the prayers stuffs. Please love your mom ya peeps! And do help her out too. 

I'm sorry mom that I didn't help much this year. Don't be mad at me. Love you hehe 

Ehh actually I did help out on folding all the money papers $$$ 

So much money wei for the god! I also want that much money. Haha. I can become a god too then can wish for everything. So greedy ah this lady over here? Gah

Can hashtag #ootd ah? Haha 

Last but not least, who doesn't like to play big fire and not getting saman for doing so?

On the negative side, air pollution always increase during this burning festive season haha! 

But once a year okay lahhhhh 

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