Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stay in!

Oh my god, the HOT weather is killing me. That's the main reason why I stay in the whole day today and also yesterday. Haha. I'm afraid of the sun. Never like it before :) No one does! 

When the sun goes down, I quickly go get a cold shower and get ready for dinner with mom. 

And.... I'M SAD & STRESS! 

Because... I have pimples! 

Ignore them! ;( ;( ;( 

Anyways, mom treated me a delicious dinner today. So sweet of her <3 

We had our late dinner at Chilli's, Empire Hotel! Just the two of us ;) So lovely dovey

Triple dippers as our appetizers which came together with our main course -.-

All the mom's favorite 

I always enjoy spending my quality time with my mom. She is my everything! Love you mom! 

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